February 19, 2020


A forbearance functions to excuse you from payment of your student loan.   Unlike deferments, which are tied to specific circumstances, forbearances are somewhat more discretionary.  For example, we can ask for a forbearance by phone for the period you are gathering documentation to file bankruptcy or to apply for a loan restructure.

We can also ask for a forbearance during the period we are switching you from one repayment plan to another.  Forbearances are also used to excuse debtors from payments during natural disasters.

There is also a type of forbearance called a Mandatory Forbearance that is available for medical or dental interns or residents, or for military members who do not otherwise qualify for a deferment.

We can request a suspension or payments or a temporary reduction in payment in a forbearance request.

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Jonathan Ginsberg

Jonathan Ginsberg has served the Atlanta area community as a personal bankruptcy and student loan debt management lawyer for over 25 years. Contact Jonathan for straight answers to difficult debt problems.